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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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11:00. highlights of a different type. turning our attention for the race for the white house. the two presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail following their only debate of the campaign last night in danville, kentucky. >> they call it blood sport politics. randall pinkston has a recap of last night's debate from kentucky. >> reporter: vice president joe biden wasted no time challenging congressman paul ryan's take on foreign policy. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey because not a single thing he said is accurate. >> reporter: they clashed oaf the economy, taxes and medicare with the democrat often on the attack. >> they're holding hostage the middle class tax cut. it's about time they take some responsibility. >> reporter: but ryan fired back. he slammed the obama administration's economic record. >> this is not what a real recovery looks like. we need real reforms for real recovery and that's exactly
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what mitt romney and i are proposing. >> reporter: ryan insinuated that president obama's debate performance last week was motivating the vice president. >> i know you're on a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. >> reporter: as for who won, it depends on who you ask. polls taken right after the debate are mixed. in a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters, 50% thought the vice president won. 31% sided for ryan and 19% called it a tie. 56% thought biden would be an effective president if necessary compared with 49% for ryan. not surprisingly, both sides claimed victory. mitt romney's campaign said biden seemed off balanced and strange. the president's team said the debate exposed the risks of electing a romney-ryan ticket. the next presidential debate is tuesday. randall pinkston, cbs news, danville, kentucky. >> if you plan in voting in
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maryland, d.c. or virginia in the upcoming november election and you haven't registered to vote, you only have a few days left. in virginia you have till monday. maryland tuesday is the last day to register. d.c. it's friday, october 19 and you have to do it in person in d.c. for more on voter registration, go to and look under campaign 2012. another d.c. lawmaker is being accused of ethics violations. it's all related to a bad real estate deal. the washington metropolitan area authority said jim graham allegedly said he would support a project if the developer agreed to pull out of a metro development project on 7th and florida avenue. graham was a sitting board member at the time. the allegations come after a four-month long independent investigation. >> regardless of whether council member graham's moifers were good -- motives were good,
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whether he thought he was doing something to help metro, whether he thought he was doing something to help the district, regardless of those motivations, the fact remains that he clearly violated metro's standards of conduct. >> graham is disputing the  report's findings. he said he did not violate standards. two of the three suspects charged with the beating of a capitol hill man are due in court today. they are charged with attacking thomas maslin and severely injuring him. >> a third suspect waived his right to a preliminary hearing. >> i want to look them in the eye and i want them to know who i am and what they have done. >> reporter: one word: shattered. that's abby maslin's life. while friends and neighbors are planning a safety festival, she's getting ready to face to of the three men who beat her husband so badly, he may never
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be the same. >> they have created just a tremendous hole in my heart and their damage is going to be permanent damage. >> reporter: tc was on his way home from a stop at a capitol hill ball early august 18. cops say three men beat him, robbed him, shot him in the head with a bb gun and basically left him for dead. cops arrested three men after a little more than a month. >> he's making amazing progress. he is an incredible man and he's very strong and he's lucky to be alive. >> reporter: the family has bills. a trust has been set up with $10,000 in it. they say the response has been incredible. >> as a dear friend to abby, i see it every day. i feel it. and i want to ensure that we continue that. >> reporter: tonight is about the evt. tomorrow masllin is in court to face the men who caused the
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traumatic brain injury, all for a credit card they couldn't use and an iphone. >> i'm sure it's going to be emotional but it's part of the process of moving on. all i can do is continue to pray that we're going to abmiraculous story with a miraculous ending. >> the neighborhood is organizing that safety festival for october 21. if you want more information about the festival, go to our website. it's you can also find the information on how to donate to the maslin family trust. a 4-year-old boy is in critical condition after falling 80 feet from a high- rise window. the boy fell from the ninth floor of an apartment in tacoma park. witnesses say a small tree broke his fall. he was rushed to a trauma center. it's unclear if the child was being supervised at the time of the accident. but investigators went into the apartment and saw the boy's bed was near the window. a minnesota woman is the first to file a lawsuit in connection with the meningitis
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outbreak linked to contaminated steroid shots. the suit alleges she suffered headaches and nausea after receiving injections in her neck to ease her chronic back pain. >> yesterday the centers for disease control and prevention revealed that more people may have received these contaminated steroid shots than was first reported. >> reporter: federal health officials now say 14,000 people may have been exposed to tainted steroid shots used to treat back and joint pain. the centers for disease control and prevention reports 170 people in 11 states are infected. 169 with fungal meningitis and one person with a joint infection. 14 victims have died. investigators suspect contaminated steroids from the new england compounding center caused the rare outbreak. the massachusetts department of health says it appears any cc violated state law in producing large amounts ever medications. universal pain management in california is one of 76
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facilities in 23 states that received the contaminated product from necc. >> we've been using them for years. and this was actually the first time that we ever received anything that has been tainted in nature. so it was a complete surprise to us. >> reporter: the clinic is tracking down patients who may have been exposed. the incubation period for fungal meningitis is one to four weeks but the cdc says it may take several months for symptoms to appear. >> it takes a while for the fungi to multiply and cause their damage and work their way through that membrane in order to cause illness. >> reporter: the investigation into how the contamination happened is still ongoing. cbs news, new york. >> the cdc says 90% of patients who may have been exposed have been contacted. health officials are warning people who got these injections to be on alert for signs of infection, including redness, pain, swelling, and fever as well. it is 4:37. coming up on 4:38.
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here's a look at some other things making news now. colorado theater shooting suspect james holmes was back in court thursday. prosecutors charged holmes with annual additional 14 counts ever attempted murder. the total number of counts against him now stands at 166. the 24-year-old holmes is accused of hoping fire in a crowded movie theater on july 20, the opening night of the latest batman movie killing 12 people and injuring 58 others. lawyers will be back in court later this month arguing a defense claim that information in the case was leaked to the media in violation of the judge's gag order. liver and lung problems are the causes of death for that baby panda cub at the national zoo. the female cub born september 16 and a week later zoo keepers heard distress calls from the mother mei xiang. they found the cub a short time later. mei xiang's behavior is now slowly returning to normal. later this morning, the national zoo officials are going to consult with their counterparts in china on
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whether or not to keep mei xiang and tian tian in the panda breeding program. our time is now 4:39. we're in for a cool but nice friday. howard is back in two minutes with a look at the freeze which is expected to last right through the american. >> fewer americans are applying for unemployment benefits now. >> one airline announces plans to raise its fares. those stories and more coming up on your money first report at 4:41. >> your weather first right after this, too. keep it here.
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it is 4:41 on this friday morning. grab a jacket. it's chilly in spots. we have a few 30s out there. the thing today will be the breeze. it's going to kick out of the northwest and the north as a front comes through. temperatures will still get to 63 for a high. the winds could gust over 20
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miles an hour. i'll have your full seven-day forecast in about five minutes. here's monika with timesaver traffic. here's 95 in newington. traffic volumes are light heading up toward the beltway and 395 as well to the 14th street bridge. in prince william county an accident on balls ford road between 234 and ashton avenue. more at 4:49. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> here's jessica doyle. >> it's not been a good week on wall street. >> tip and top all day yesterday. >> three losing sessions in a row. the best they could muster was a mixed finish and barely. the key averages are down between 1.9 to 2.8%. it's been rough out there. checking the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 13,326. it erased an early gain to close 18 points lower. nasdaq also reversed course, finished the day down about 2 points. the s&p 500, the only green
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arrow on the board and just barely it was up fractionally on the day. the government says the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest level in more than four years to 339,000. you think that would have boosted wall street. the number consistently below 375,000 suggests hiring is strong enough to lower the unemployment rate. and united airlines is raising prices on more flights, most flights within theist up $10 for -- the u.s. up $10 for a round trip ticket. no other major airlines have matched this fare hike. united tried to raise prices last month but gave up after the other carriers simply did not go along. >> i hate that now. >> really stinks, doesn't it? >> for a person flying a bunch this month. i'm okay with that. corporations are spending huge apartments of money to fight a bill which would require labels on genetically modified foods. >> coming up we'll have a complete report on that bill
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and the fight to know what you're eating. 9news now returns after this.
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we have some freeze and frost warnings. >> a freeze watch. there there probably be some sort of freeze or frost warnings tonight. >> the boys of summer seem to like the cold weather. >> we cooled down the cardinals bats. got the red on. i think you'll see a lot of folks wearing red. >> i ran out of red. we wear for the wizards. >> red, white and blue. we have a decent friday. the winds will kick up so you'll have to be aware of that certainly you'll need a jacket this morning and probably with the winds gusting at times over 20 miles an hour, jacket weather for the afternoon. >> is that the afternoon? >> that starts midday.
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winds are light now. for the game it will start breezy but the winds will die off. here's a look at the bus stop forecast where the chill is the bigger story north and west of town. we've got some readings that have dipped into the upper 30s. the warm spot south and east. they're in the low 50s. a big spread across the region. today we're going to see a good amount of sunshine despite the fact a front is coming through. you'll notice the winds out of the west only 4, 5 miles an hour. by noon kicking out of the west at 14 behind the cold front. this afternoon winds northwest to northerly 10, 20 miles an hour. could gust 25. tonight by 8:00 a north wind 10 miles an hour. 53 degrees. speaking about 8:00. boy, it's going to be packed at nats park. game five. winner go home. first pitch 53 degrees. we'll be dipping into the upper 40s by the latter innings. north winds 10 miles an hour. more football weather than baseball weather. bundle up. if you have an extra ticket, call me. i'll meet you there. freeze watch. protect the tender plants. that's north and west.
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not d.c. in prince george's county but montgomery, fairfax, loudoun, prince william, fauquier, i-81 corridor. those areas have a real chance to fall 32 or lower. maybe see some frost advisories in other spots south and east of that. temperatures this morning in the 30s. mid-30s in lover vetsville. -- in lovettsville. 39 in bowie and fort belvoir. arlington and alexandria sit at 43 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, a nice wiet morning. great visibility out there under clear skies. humidity at 74%. thankfully right now, you've got to go out. it's cool but light winds only southwest at 3. we don't have the windchill to deal w. cold air. you see a lot of it across the northern part of the country with 20s across a good section of minnesota this morning. that cooler air moving south and east. we're going to get a reinforcing shot of it today. that's why we have the freeze watch tonight. the weekend will be m.c.i.d. behind the -- be mixed. behind this cold front, you can see the showers and storms from oklahoma through missouri headed toward kentucky and the
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showers north and west of us. behind the front that's the cool air. ahead of it we'll get to the 60s today. looks like we'll cool down tonight, tomorrow, but a better day on sunday with warmer temperatures. here comes the front just not that mitch weather associated -- much weather associated with it. our forecast, breezy today, 63. tonight about 40 for d.c. but cold spots could be in the upper 20's. 62 tomorrow. a cool day. not bad. much nicer i think on sunday as we get to 74. you want to go to the pumpkin patch or golfing, definitely doable both days. looking better for the skins and ravens games. showers possible in the afternoon, 72 on monday. it's friday. a big smile. brings big smiles is what i'm trying to say. if you're planning to head around town, i think it's going to bring a big smile to your face as well. no problems on the dulles toll road coming in from sterling
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all the way to the beltway. 66 as well. not a bad ride as cow in toward fairfax and the beltway. we'll take a live look inside the beltway at the roosevelt bridge and heading into downtown. no issues at all to report. back over to the maps and this time to the north side coming in from aspen hill, wheaton, burtonsville. baltimore on i-95 through college park, no problems heading westbound into bethesda. 270 is incident free. from frederick a live look here in college park. this is a good indication of the beltway between 95 and the wilson bridge on the east side of town in prince george's county. i'll be back with more coming up at 4:55. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. november 6 voters in california will decide a high stakes battle in the food industry. >> indeed. prop 37 would require labels on foods that are genetically modified. teresa garcia reports the fight is getting loud and expensive. >> reporter: supporters of california's proposition 37 took to the streets of oakland.
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the organic consumers association has gathered over 200,000 signatures in support of the measure. it calls for labeling foods containing genetically modified organisms or gmos. on the other side corporations have contributed $35 million to fight prop 37 with biotech giant momsanto leading the way. >> i'm a very worried grocer. >> reporter: labels would be a costly burden for the voters this man said. >> every shipment we get, every product every time, we need to keep records, written records of that. >> reporter: the vast majority of corn and soybeans grown in this country come from genetically modified seeds engineered in a lab to resist insects and pesticides. those crops are then used in a huge variety of processed foods from cereals to sodas. prop 37 would inform shoppers those products contain gmos. the food giants claim the
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labels will make consumers think there's something wrong with the food. the pro labeling side insists a growing number of studies are linking genetically modified food to possible health risks, including obesity and allergies. >> americans have the right to know what's in their food. corporations don't have the right to hide that information. >> reporter: polls show the measure is likely to pass and supporters hope it will be the start of a national trend. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> the two sides also disagree on what prop 37 would do to food prices. supporters say nothing. opponents say it would likely hike grocery bills by hundreds of dollars per year. 4:52. good morning if you're just waking up this friday. time for the question of the morning. >> in a recent survey, pet owners were asked if you could ask your pet one question, what would it be? >> what was their number one answer? is it a, are you happy? b, do you like your food? or c, do you like me?
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do you really like me? >> it's all about me. log on to wusa9 facebook fan page. we'd love to hear what you think or maybe what your pet thinks. make they do talk. i don't know. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 hour.
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welcome back. your weather first on this friday morning. some spots north and west away from water are in the mid- to upper 30s. in town and by the way, we're closer to the 50-degree mark. we're going to have a sunny day. the winds will start out light but we'll have a front move through mid-morning. notice the difference of the winds at 9:00 and 11:00. they go from west at 7:00 to northwest at 13. the winds will be gusting maybe to 20, 25 this afternoon as high temperatures make a run toward the low 60s. we'll drop back into the upper 50s by 5:00. if you're going out to the
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ballgame tonight, should be low 50s at the start falling into the upper 40s in the latter innings. dress for a football game. we'll have more on that coming up and the weekend forecast during 9news now at 5:00. if you're planning to head northbound on i-95, a tiny bit of volume. this is great on a friday morning. no problems to report springfield on the beltway to 395 and the 14th street bridge. in my next report, i'll take a look at maryland roads at 5:01. >> thanks. thousands of people have pledge to light the night to fight blood cancers this month. for three weekends through october 20, survivors and reporters will get together to walk and raise money to help provide much needed aid to patients and to support research. the leukemia and lymphoma society helped bring more than 7,000 walkers who raised close to $2 million last year. >> it is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. it is all of those balloons go
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on. for somebody who's in the middle of a fight or who is just past their fight, it shows them they're not alone. how many people are surviving. those white balloons you see turned on, there are more and more survivors every day. it's illustrated with the beautiful colors right at dusk. >> you can sign up online to light the or register right on that site. this saturday's walk starts at 7:00 p.m. in freedom plaza. our own topper shutt will be there so you can come out and meet him, too. last night channel 9 received a top sponsor award at the ninth annual stars and stripes fund-raiser. former president alan horlick accepted the award. the united services organization is a nonprofit dedicated for supporting troops and their families. ever since mitt romney called him out during the first presidential debate, big bird has become the hottest selling halloween costume. one costume wholesaler in california said big bird suits have been selling like hot cakes. retail prices range from $40 to
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$100. store owners expect the price to soar because of demand. >> that's funny. >> i know. a big announcement from whitney houston's daughter. >> barbara streisand gives a concert in her hometown. teresa garcia has those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: whitney houston's daughter is getting married. bobby christina confirmed her engagement on an episode of the family's upcoming reality show the houstons on her own and the family is not happy about it. bobby christina's fiance is nick gordon. whitney houston said she considered him a son. the series premieres on lifetime october 24. justin bieber is joining the campaign against cyberbullying. the pop star appears if a new public service announcement encouraging teens to use the internet for positive purposes. >> the web should be used to inspire others, not spread hate
4:59 am
or hurt. >> reporter: the video is actually part of a plea deal to settle misdemeanor charges against bieber's manager and a record executive stemming from a mall frenzy in 2009. tom hanks is making his broadway debut. hanks will play a new york city newspaper columnist in "lucky guy." it was written by the late nora efron. she also wrote sleepless in seattle which stars tom hanks. opening night is set for april 1 1. ♪ >> reporter: and barbara streisand returns to her roots. the legendary singer performed the first of two concerts at the new barkley center in brooklyn. streisand sings there again saturday night. that's your eye on entertainment, teresa garcia, cbs news, hollywood. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> barbara streisand's voice has not lost one bit of
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